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Raxio Ethiopia will open its Tier III ready carrier-neutral data center at the beginning of 2023.

Raxio, with a data center that will accommodate 800 racks, promises its customers an optimized environment for their IT equipment in a scalable facility, security, AC/DC power compatibility, and redundancy.

Established in 2018, Raxio Group is a portfolio company of a US-based investment firm called Roha Group Inc. Raxio Africa provides Tier III data centers that serve Africa’s digital entities.

The company came to Ethiopia targeting the nation’s new digital ambitions. With the rapidly increasing demand for digital services driven by increased eCommerce penetration, digital payments, and data-driven business models, Raxio aims to provide a stable ecosystem to support this growing need.

Construction for the center started in March 2021. Raxio’s facility, situated in the ICT Park, has 3mW of IT capacity and will support rack densities from 2kW up to 21kW.

The data center, which will be neutral, will allow interconnectivity between multiple telecommunication carriers and colocation providers.

Having multiple connections to internet service providers (ISPs) will allow Raxio to switch if one carrier fails, enabling it to avoid downtime.

“Our first data center, which will open by the first quarter of 2023 constitutes phase I of Raxio’s plans. In Phase II, we will build another data center with a similar capacity next year. The two data centers have a combined budget of 30 million dollars,” General Manager of Raxio Ethiopia Bewket Taffere told Shega.

Last week Raxio Ethiopia held a briefing event with executives from the banking, insurance, and fintech sectors where outsourcing data center services that can allow enterprises to focus on their core business from a financial and operational perspective were discussed.

Raxio has already signed a MoU with Ebirr, Feres, and the Cooperative Bank of Oromia to provide colocation services.

Since 2018, over 14 companies have acquired investment licenses for data centers and cloud services. Wingu Africa, Redfox, and Sundata are some of the other big names in the emerging sector.


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