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⁹Qene Games will make its games available to the market by using Ethio Telecom’s fintech solutions. 

Qene Games, in partnership with Ethio telecom, will make high-quality mobile games available to the Ethiopian market.

Qene Games is the first game development studio in Ethiopia. The creator of Kukulu, Gebeta, and Feta mobile games, Qene won the best entertainment app and best app of the year at the Apps Africa Awards for its first two games. These African-inspired mobile games are fun, engaging, and give players a uniquely authentic experience through their African artistic styles, music and characters.

The partnership between Qene Games and Ethio telecom will be a prominent achievement for the Ethiopian gaming sector. The partnership ultimately aims to solve the gaming sector’s primary challenge – payment options. Using Ethio telecom’s fintech solutions, Qene will make its games available through various models, including subscriptions and in-app purchases.

We believe that Africa has a great potential to become a major games exporter and compete in the global creative and entertainment industry. However, the first step we need to take to make this a reality is to give African creators easy access to sell their content in the African market. We are happy to have taken a step forward in this direction with our recent partnership with Ethio Telecom.” says Dawit Abraham, CEO of Qene Games.

The partnership will kick off using Qene’s first-ever mobile game, Kukulu. Kukulu is a famous Ethiopian mobile game that shares the epic adventure of a brave chicken running for her life from her captive farmer. The game is being localized to more than four Ethiopian languages and exhibits culturally revelant characters and settings that Ethiopian players find relevant. Following this launch, Qene will work to make its entire games library and more locally and continentally sourced high-quality games available to the Ethiopian market.

This collaboration’s long-term vision is to boost the number of African games published in the continent and grow the industry by providing easy access to market for talented game creators. “Through this and coming partnerships, we want to provide African countries with enjoyable and relatable content, while at the same time showing young people in Africa that the gaming industry is a promising and financially viable sector to get into.” says Samuel Sisay, CTO and lead developer at Qene Games.

Qene Games also aims to utilize its membership in the Pan-African Gaming Group (PAGG) to realize this vision. Launched in February 2022, the Pan African Gaming Group brought ten top African gaming studios as one to unify the continent’s gaming sector. This group currently has access to fifty mobile games from its game library.

Pan-African Gaming Group (PAGG) focuses on developing and publishing locally relevant content that is relatable to African gamers. Qene Games, together with PAGG and Ethio telecom, will open up the gaming market for African game developers by helping localize and distribute their games in the Ethiopian market.

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  • Dawit Gmariam, April 14, 2022 @ 11:59 am

    It’s a good beginning working with telecom operator and hope more customers will enjoy.

  • Jeronimo Sekiro, August 1, 2023 @ 3:33 pm

    What a neat question! Qene Games argentics up with Ethio Telecom – that’s some exciting news right there! This takes me back to my college days when I was studying international business. I was always fascinated by how companies could collaborate to tap into new markets.
    There was this one assignment we had, where we had to propose a theoretical partnership between a tech company and a telecom provider to expand into a new market. Just a classroom exercise, but man, did we dive deep into that!

  • Jeronimo Sekiro, August 1, 2023 @ 3:37 pm

    By collaborating with Ethio Telecom, Qene Games can leverage the existing telecom infrastructure to make its high-quality mobile games accessible to a broader audience. Imagine the joy of people being able to play games that were previously out of reach!

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