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Pragma Technologies, an extended wing under Pragma, which is a technology service management platform that promotes regional and international partnerships, is announcing an alliance with Simulants (Pty) Ltd, a South African technology-based training and development company.

Pragma will officially represent Simulants in Ethiopia where a sizable gap has been identified in the area of human capital development focused primarily on technology and related fields of profession.

Simulants brings extensive experience in providing new age training solutions using a range of Field Tools to expedite on the job training and allow seamless transfer of knowledge. It allows immersive collaboration, where workers across different locations can come together in a spatial environment; interact with their co-workers, and share ideas & opinions.

Akofada (DFS Ethiopia)

The rationale behind this strategic partnership is to support Ethiopia’s drive toward digital transformation where a number of ground-breaking reforms have been introduced, notably the liberalization of the telecom sector, the development of a national digital strategy roadmap, a 10-year development plan with a renewed focus on information & communication technology (ICT) to build a digital economy, new legislation that promotes digital financial services, as well as e-commerce & e-government services, and many more. Pragma Technologies deliberates on fostering synergistic relationships with technology leaders to help the government achieve its development goals in ICT while assisting the domestic private sector gain critical exposure so as to remain competitive and future-oriented.

Simulants (Pty) Ltd is a technology-based training and development company dedicated to delivering excellence in creating some of the most engaging, interactive, and immersive AR-VR applications. Simulants work across a range of industries, and leveraging Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) technologies to develop cutting-edge interactive, engaging, and immersive products for learning and development in the South African market. Products are made for the relevant needs of clients.

Pragma Investment Advisory is a business, investment, and economic development advisory firm with a primary focus on developing strategic entry and growth planning for individuals and organizations demonstrating economic interest in Ethiopia. Our firm is run by principal advisors who have established strategic alliances with highly-qualified consultants whose professional backgrounds range from working for some of the big 6 financial accounting firms to Emerging Market-focused private equity institutions.

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