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Shega 2.0 is Here 

Today, we are happy to announce that we are officially releasing Shega‘s new platform.

Shega was launched in 2019 as a personal project of our founder. The goal – to tell the story of the Ethiopian technology and entrepreneurship scene. 

Now, Shega ( Shega Media and Technology PLC ) has grown to a full-fledged digital media and research company that focuses on the innovation, technology, and startup space in Ethiopia.

We produce high-value articles, analysis, reports, visuals, and a weekly newsletter. We also organize engaging events, support brands, and provide research and advisory service. You can read more about it here

Since launching in 2019, our content has been consumed more than 200,000 times. The main demographic of our content and initiatives are young Ethiopians who are university students and graduates, professionals, developers, entrepreneurs as well as startups, tech companies, investors, support organizations, and regulators. 

In the process, our vision has also been redefined.  Now, our vision is to be a go-to platform and company for Ethiopian Innovation, Technology, and Startup ecosystem.

And this vision deserves a better platform. Hence, we decided to upgrade it and add more features. The team has been working on this for more than 6 months and we have replaced the old platform with the new one a few months ago quietly. However, except for the home page, most of the features weren’t available.  

What’s new? 

Better Reading Experience 

Our core is and will always be delivering exceptional content that genuinely adds value to our community. The first thing we have focussed on is to improve the reading experience when readers consume articles.  

Featured Pieces –  Selected articles are now available in the featured category

Categories – Articles are organized in a better format and more specific categories are introduced

Mobile View – We have significantly improved mobile reading experience

Clap – Found a piece you enjoyed? You can now clap to tell is us and the world you liked it.                                                                                 

Featured Events and Featured Jobs – Selected Events and Selected Jobs from our Event and Job Portal will be featured on the right side of the home page.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Infinity Scroll – When you finish reading one article, you can now move to the next relevant article smoothly without not loading or clicking anything. 


All of our Infographics are now accessible on the new site easily. 

Company Database

We have added a company and organization database functionality where you can find detailed information about Ethiopian Startups, Tech companies, Investors, and Hubs/organizations. Think Crucnhbase for Ethiopia. We are currently migrating data every day. We should have close 500 profiles up by the end of the month.

The 5 companies of any search on the database is freely available. Full access to the database is available on an annual subscription. 

You can also add your company or organization yourself. Just create an account on  Next, go to your profile page and click add Company, Organization, or Hub. If your company is already listed, you can claim by clicking the claim button on the company profile page.   


A dedicated Job portal for Startups, Tech companies, and Innovative businesses in Ethiopia. You can now post your Jobs for free in our portal. 

While we are on the topic of Jobs, we have two open positions at Shega. We are hiring Brand Studio Lead and Executive Assitant. 


An event listing portal that will easily allow you to find virtual and physical events from Ethiopia Tech and startup scene. 

Your Account in Shega 

You can now create an account that helps you to maintain a profile and manage your engagement on Shega including adding/claiming a company profile, posting jobs, and posting events. 

Domain Name Change

We are moving from to .  All contents from the previous site are available on the new site. Previous article links take you their respective version on the new site.  If you type, you will automatically be taken to


We hope you don’t mind us making some money through advertisement :). We have added advertisement spots in many places on the site to allow us to cover some of our costs. 

If you would like to advertise on Shega, please express your interest here.


We believe there is going to be a lot improve on the new platform. Please email us any issues or bugs you have seen via [email protected]

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Anteneh Tesfaye, Founder and CEO of Shega, is interested in innovation and startup ecosystems across emerging markets.

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