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EagleLion System Technology, a local IT firm, has announced that its digital platform for fuel payment Nedaj has processed transactions worth 2 billion birr.

The platform which is developed in collaboration with the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) achieved this milestone within two months of its launch.

“Fuel transactions form the backbone of the energy industry, and Nedaj’s digital platform represents a monumental leap forward in streamlining these complex processes,” Bersufekad Getachew, CEO of EagleLion wrote on social media.

Nedaj is integrated with CBE accounts to facilitate the payments and has additional features such as locating local gas stations and receiving electronic invoices.

The app is among the few platforms, alongside telebirr, that the government has authorized for cashless fuel transactions, as part of a mandate to promote digital payments and enforce greater control. Other notable platforms include CBE Fuel and COOPay Ebirr.

In addition to Nedaj, EagleLion offers several other products such as the digital remittance platform, CashGo, the buy-now-pay-later app, Dube Ale, and other services like GetRooms and GetCare.

Following the successful digitization of fuel payment at gas stations, transactions between gas stations and their distributors is also on track to become cashless.

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