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Microsoft 4Afrika Launches Virtual SkillsLab in Ethiopia in Partnership with Gebeya and Technology and Innovation Institute

Gebeya, a Pan-African Ed Tech and online talent marketplace company headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Technology and Innovation Institute (TechIn), under Ministry of Innovation and Technology teamed up with Microsoft 4Afrika to deliver a virtual SkillsLab programme, which aims to develop the digital skills, coding capabilities and workplace readiness of young university graduates.

Microsoft 4Afrika and its partners Gebeya and TechIn will provide apprenticeship-based training to 200 software engineers, where they will work with experienced software engineers over the course of up to six months.

Akofada (DFS Ethiopia)

Microsoft 4Afrika’s SkillsLab programme helps students to develop essential workplace skills and provide them with practical experiences, leveraging emerging technologies to develop innovative technology solutions.

The SkillsLab will work with the students virtually to develop these skills. After graduating from the programme, apprentices have priority access to jobs through the Microsoft Partner Network. In addition, the skills gained from the programme ensure that these graduates have the know-how to become successful entrepreneurs.

Microsoft 4Afrika had previously run a SkillsLab programmes in Ethiopia. Microsoft 4Afrika had partnered with the Ethiopian Airlines Group, to train young ICT graduates, equipping them with the skills needed to become ICT professionals and software engineers in the airline industry. After completing their apprenticeship, graduates could access jobs at Ethiopian Airlines and its affiliate airlines in Africa.

A second partnership with Tulane University Centre for Global Health Equity and Microsoft 4Afrika set up a SkillsLab (previously known as the AppFactory) to develop digital skills in healthcare at the Wollo University Kombolcha Institute of Technology. In January 2018, the first cohort of 21 apprentices graduated and 90% secured jobs as programmers, working for Wollo University and major hospitals across Addis Ababa.

Amrote Abdella, Regional Director, Microsoft 4Afrika says, “Outpacing the rate of change driven by emerging technologies, there is a need for nimble and continued learning opportunities that can derive tangible benefits. Through its skilling initiatives Microsoft aims to address these challenges by skilling and upskilling individuals to adequately seize these opportunities.”

Amadou Daffe, CEO and Co-Founder of Gebeya it’s part said “We are excited to be working with Microsoft to introduce this new version of the already previously successful SkillsLab programme as it directly aligns with Gebeya’s values of increasing employability, productivity, and producing the best of African talent,. Apprentices of the programme will receive top-line training and mentoring as well as the market-relevant hands-on experience in project management needed to meet global standards.”

Sandokan Debebe, Director General of TechIn also said ” We have partnered with Microsoft in this initiative as it is a vital support mechanism in helping to bridge the skills gap and increase employability rates for our talented young graduates. This SkillsLab will ensure career readiness for apprentices by providing them with not only DevOps and Data Science skills, but also critical thinking, collaboration and communication, and creative skills

This SkillsLab will focus on providing students with hands-on practice through 30 hours a week of training and mentoring on industry-based online courses and cloud-based product knowledge where students will earn Microsoft certification.

If you are a fresh or unemployed graduate, or even a final-year university student, who wants to participate in the programme and gain world class certification, Apply here.

Applicants once admitted to SkillsLab Program, they will automatically become eligible for a full scholarship funded by Microsoft. The tuition fee which is expected to be 21,450 ETB ($650) for the duration of the 3-month training, will be fully covered.

To check your eligibility and apply go here.

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