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Metahu Delivery, formerly known as Metahu Addis, has undergone a rebranding and is unveiling new features.

The launch, which marks Metahu’s return to the market after three months of hiatus, focuses on the vast potential of Addis Ababa’s diverse culinary scene.

“We’ve developed a user-friendly mobile app designed to elevate the customer experience,” shared Metahu’s COO, Natnael Gizachew. To further enhance the offering, Metahu has boarded popular restaurants, offering a wide range of options for customers.

According to Natnael, Metahu’s rebranding efforts extend beyond the name change, encompassing optimized services across key areas: including easy access, which enables customers to effortlessly browse menus and discover nearby restaurants.

Online payment integration, customizable orders, where customers can add extra toppings, sauces, drinks, and more to customize their meal, as well as real-time tracking, are also included in the upgrade.

Additionally, Metahu’s service offering enables delivery of groceries and non-food items alongside meals, and customers can schedule delivery to their preferred location within the periphery of the city.

Metahu Delivery’s new app was developed by their in-house team, building upon the previous version. Currently, Metahu has partnerships with over 150 restaurants, aiming to expand their network to 250 in one month. The app has over 5000 downloads on Play Store. 

Natnael states that the rebrand is the result of Metahu’s growth since its initial launch in 2022. The startup is hosting an event tomorrow, March 5, 2024, to officially mark the transition. 

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