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Summer break is upon us, and while it’s a time for relaxation, it’s also an opportunity to keep young minds stimulated.  Are you worried your child might fall behind academically or miss out on developing crucial skills?

This year, several local startups offer exciting summer camps focused on technology and essential skills for the 21st century. Whether your child is curious about coding, wants to sharpen their communication abilities, or has a passion for robotics and space science, there’s a camp designed to spark their interest and keep them engaged throughout the summer.

This guide explores five top summer camps, each offering unique programs and catering to different age groups. Read on to find the perfect fit for your child or yourself.

Akofada (DFS Ethiopia)

  1. iCog Anyone Can Code

iCog Anyone Can Code is a social enterprise working towards equipping children and youth with the skills they need to shape their own futures. They offer comprehensive training programs tailored for different age groups and demographics, including K-12 education, digital literacy, and essential digital skills.

iCog’s 2024 Summer Camp is now open for registration. Held across three locations in Addis Ababa, the camp caters to children and teenagers aged 8-18 with three exciting categories: Code Explorer (8-10 years old), Code Warrior (11-14 years old), and Code Pioneer (15-18 years old). The camp offers flexible scheduling with three cohorts running throughout the summer: July 8th – August 2nd, July 22nd – August 16th, and August 5th – August 30th.

  1. Edit Educational Services

Launched in 2023, Edit’s gamified platform blends online & offline activities to teach kids critical thinking and 21st-century skills.

Registration is open for Edit’s summer camp, an initiative that targets the holistic development of children aged 6-12 in Addis Ababa.

If you’re looking to boost your child’s communication and collaboration skills with activities such as Public Speaking, Debating Workshops, Critical Thinking Games, Arts & Crafts, and Sports and Physical Education consider this summer camp.

  1. Yenetta Code

Perfect for all ages (5-year-olds to high schoolers), Yenetta Code’s #Summer STEM camp provides hands-on learning and sparks creativity. You can choose between online or in-person options to ignite your child’s curiosity for technology and equip them with essential skills for the future.

Their Summer camp offers coding, 3D modeling, and robotics activities, Curios much? Register here. 

  1. Gobeze Consult

Gobeze Learning by Gobeze Consult helps people develop in-demand tech and creative skills through courses, career coaching, and mentorship. Many partner companies have hired Gobeze students.

Gobeze Consult’s Coding Camp offers a month-long adventure in Scratch programming, perfect for young learners. Through fun, interactive activities, kids will build games, stories, and simple apps, all while strengthening problem-solving and creativity.

The camp runs weekdays (Monday-Friday) from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, starting July 10th in Bole, Olympia. Looking to secure your child’s place? register here.

  1. SkillBYTE Training and Consultancy

Headquartered in Jimma, SkillBYTE, a team of passionate volunteers working to empower academics and professionals has announced their Summer Launchpad program in Jimma and all creative minds and tech enthusiasts in the coffee capital.

The Summer Launchpad program offers a variety of hands-on training programs for researchers, high school students, graduates, and university students, including

  • Python Programming for Beginners
  • Introduction to Machine Learning: The Road to AI
  • Introduction to Graphic Design
  • Introduction to Hardware Programming and Electronics Design
  • Design Thinking for AI Innovation

All programs are held in person at the Jimma Institute of Technology (JIT).  Interested? Register here.

  1. Faris Technologies

Established in 2002 in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, Faris Technology offers a range of tech solutions focusing on education in space science, robotics, AI, and emerging technologies.

Faris is calling all future innovators for an unforgettable summer camp. The summer camp is a Coding & Robotics Marathon for young minds (ages 7-16)

Faris’s “Coding & Robotics Marathon 2024 Ethiopia” course includes:

  • Space Science
  • Robotics
  • Programming
  • Mechatronics & Autonomous Systems
  • Aeronautics, Rocketry, Drone & Satellite Technology
  • AI Prompt & Technology
  • Graphics & 3D Design

The registration will close in a few days, so if interested secure your spot here.

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