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Kudu Ventures, Impact focused early stage VC, announced it’s investment on a health tech platform called Etege and an Edutech startup called Askual Tech in press release given to medias. 

Etege is a healthcare app that teaches women on how to carry out Breast Cancer self-examinations. The app uses an animated figure to visually instruct women on how to perform preliminary assessments on their bodies to detect potential signs indicative of early stage breast cancer.

While, Askual Tech is a startup that develops a ERP solutions for High Schools and Universities. One of the product developed by Askual is a telegram bot that allows University Entrants to check there university placement result. The bot acquired 150,000 users.

Akofada (DFS Ethiopia)

Kudu backed by an affluent Ethiopian – American raised a $3 Million last year to invest in startups in Ethiopia.

It is remembered that Kudu invested 5 Million Birr on Solve IT accelerator but this startups are the first rounds of startups to get funded by the venture fund.

At this time Kudu invested 2 million Birr ( $62,000) together in both startups. The specific amount that went to each startup is not disclosed. It is mentioned that the investment values both financial and non financial contribution including provision of working space and other operational supports.

Etege founded by Bethel Smason, a 5th year medical students at Addis Abeba University is expected to grow to a full fledged Health App that provides information and health checking tools in local language after the funding.

Askual founded by four current and previous students of Adama Science and Technology University is lead by Hiwot who is the CEO . Next, Askual aims to aims to expand It’s ERP Solutions to Universities across Ethiopia. At the moment It is being used by Adama Science and Technology University.

In the press release, Noel Daniel, Co-founder and Managing Director of Kudu Ventures mentioned that they aim to finish investing the three million dollar raised in 2020 and plan  to raise another $20 Million for the coming years.

Both Noel and Betelehem, Partner at Kudu Women were stressing that they are continuously looking for investable startups and the challenging of getting one.

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