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Kacha Partners with Banks to Launch Non-Collateral Digital Lending Services

Private money platform Kacha Digital Financial Services has inked an agreement with NIB International Bank and Global Bank Ethiopia to launch non-collateral digital lending services. Read more.

Ethiopia Envisions Linking Digital IDs with Payments

The National ID Project Program (NIDP) is collaborating with global fintech giant Visa to integrate its digital identification systems with payments, streamlining the automatic creation of bank accounts when a digital ID is issued. Read more.

Awash Bank Launches Mini Core Solution for Cooperatives

Last week, Awash Bank, in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Amref Health Africa, launched a mini-core banking solution targeted at savings and credit cooperatives (SACCOs).

Fortune reported that the platform enables the 21,000 SACCOs in the country to access the management of their members, shares, dividends, and chart of accounts by registering selected members with a username and password.

The Uber for Nannies: Mogzit’s Innovative Solution for Affordable Childcare

Aiming to help mothers return to their careers while also providing reliable childcare, Samrawit Tarekegn has founded Mogzit, a unique platform that connects professional nannies with parents seeking reliable childcare services. Read more.

Next Wave: The Ethiopian Miracle Has Been Waiting Too Long

In its latest edition of the Next Wave newsletter, Tech Cabal, a pan-African publication chronicling innovation and tech developments across Africa, has put the Ethiopian startup ecosystem in the spotlight.

The collaborative review with Shega reveals that while Ethiopia is making strides across various sectors and possesses massive untapped potential ready to be harnessed, the nation also grapples with numerous distractions. Read more.

Three Ethiopian Colleges Offering Online Degree, Master’s Programs in 2023

In 2023, enrolling in higher education and achieving academic goals requires only digital skills, a stable internet connection, and a computer. Read more.

Ethio Telecom’s Telebirr Achieves One Trillion Birr in Transactions

Ethio Telecom has announced that its mobile money platform, telebirr, has processed over one trillion birr in transactions. telebirr accomplished this milestone within 28 months of launch, thanks to the integration of various payment services, including fuel payments, into the platform.

Demystifying Ethiopian Banks: Confronting Information Challenges, Exploring Innovative Solutions

Without a reliable source to compare services, interest rates, and fees, customers are often left in the dark, forcing them to make uninformed decisions about their financial affairs. Read more.

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