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Welcome to Shega Weekly, where we strive to keep you informed and up to date about Ethiopia’s innovative ecosystem. As we recap some of the major stories that broke out over the past week, we hope you find them insightful and inspiring.

The Ethiopian Startup Thinking Big to Replace Cement with Plastic 

Following Kubik’s win as “Startup of the Year” at the Global Startup Awards, African Arguments interviewed Kidus Asfaw, the CEO and co-founder, to discuss the startup’s mission of transforming plastic waste into affordable high-quality homes. Read more.

LogiTech Investment Sprint Pitch Event Showcases Promising Startups

A new frontier for Ethiopia’s logistics sector emerged as Renew Capital, sponsored by USAID’s Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance (BHA), announced the inaugural LogiTech Investment Sprint Pitch Event. Read more.

FSD Ethiopia Holds Discussion on Consumer Protection

Last week, FSD Ethiopia held a panel discussion as part of Ethiopia’s Knowledge Series on Consumer Protection. The discussion focused on the role of regulators, data protection enforcement, consumer awareness creation, and the adoption of best practices in ethical digital transactions.

Local Startup MoyAts Introduces Platform to Streamline Recruitment for Businesses

Aiming to empower local businesses and bridge the technology gap in the labor market, local startup MoyAts has developed an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Read more.

Amhara Bank Teams Up with SantimPay for Digital Payment Solution

Amhara Bank has joined forces with Santimpay Financial Solutions to offer an advanced digital payment solution to its customers through the utilization of Santimpay’s UPI digital wallet platform. Read more.

Ethiopia’s Bruh ICT Competition Opens Applications, Offering a $5000 Seed Grant

Bruh-ICT 2023 Competition has begun accepting applications, calling upon young Ethiopians to submit their innovative ideas in the ICT and digital sectors. Read more.

Safaricom Ethiopia Launches First Unlimited Data Offer

Safaricom Ethiopia has introduced its first unlimited data plan. The product, which became available last week, is a daily unlimited data bundle priced at 55 birr. It is worth noting that the operator had previously mentioned its decision to refrain from offering unlimited data packages for some time, citing concerns about the strain they could impose on the network.

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