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Ethiopian Airlines and MailAmericas have partnered for cross-border e-commerce, internet shutdowns are costing Ethiopia millions, actress Ameleset Muchie has unveiled a streaming platform, and a new law proposes a 5% airtime tax.

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Akofada (DFS Ethiopia)

Ethiopian Airlines, MailAmericas Launch Cross-border Ecommerce

Ethiopian Airlines Group (ET) and MailAmericas (MA), a private postal operator, partner to develop competitive cross-border ecommerce services within Africa and the Middle East using Addis Ababa as a hub. Read more.

Internet Shutdowns Cost Ethiopia $146 Million in 2022

A new report by Top10VPN, a London-based VPN review firm that assesses internet privacy, security, and freedom shows that Ethiopian businesses have lost $145.8 million due to internet blackout in Tigray last year. It affected over 1 million internet users. Read more.

Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) Launches Digital Trading Platform for Exporters

Exporters can now trade with international buyers through an online Integrated Commodity Exchange Trading System. ECX has branches in four regional states.

According to Fortune Newspaper, exporters previously had to visit ECX’s office or use regional trading sites, but now they can trade digitally from anywhere with access to membership, warehouse operations, and payment.

Ameleset Muchie Launches Streaming Platform MayaFlicks

Actress and producer Ameleset Muchie has launched a new streaming service called MayaFlicks. Read more.

Gitex Africa Invites Ethiopian Startups to Compete for a $200k Prize

The Dubai-based GITEX Global, in its first foreign venture, is coming to Morocco and is inviting Ethiopian startups for a competition that will grant them an all-expenses-paid seat at what could be the continent’s largest all-inclusive tech event. Read more.

Estimating Informal Remittance Flows

K-flip, a knowledge hub powered by Kifiya Financial Technology, states accurate remittance flow data is important for policymakers and financial product innovators. However, it is difficult to gather due to imprecise accounting and the choice of informal remittance channels by migrants. Read more.

Draft Excise Law Proposes Tax on Airtime

Ethiopians may soon be paying a 5% excise tax on their phone calls and internet usage if a new law is approved by parliament.  Read more.

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