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Drivers in the capital will soon hold digital driving licenses, meanwhile Teddy Afro has joined a local streaming platform.

Shega Weekly recaps the major developments in Ethiopia’s innovative ecosystem.

Digital Driving License to Make Debut in Addis Ababa 

According to Fortune Newspaper, drivers residing in Addis Ababa will be issued digital licenses in the coming year. The IDs will also serve as transboundary ID cards with microchips storing data on driving history. Read more.

Ethiopian Engineer Muse in Innovative Continental Contest

An Ethiopian mechanical engineer has been shortlisted for a prestigious award: the 2023 Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation (APEI) for developing a multi-purpose earth brick machine. Read more.

IRC Launches Job-matching Portal in Modjo Town 

The International Rescue Committee (IRC), in consortium with partners, has launched a job-matching application portal called ModjoJobs, which aims to connect unemployed youth with jobs in Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Mojo Town. Read More.

Delivery Hawassa Expands Courier Service to Capital

The startup that came to life during the COVID outbreak is expanding its service after seeing an untapped market and has already opened an office in Addis Ababa. Read More.

Ethio Telecom Partners with CNET software technologies

Ethio Telecom has partnered with a local IT firm, CNET Software Technologies, to deploy a digital payment system that enables supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, cafes, hospitals, and pharmacies to easily settle their service charges and various transaction payments using telebirr. Read More.

Teddy Afro Joins Samrawit Fikru’s Streaming Platform Sewasew 

Teddy Afro has joined Samrawit Fikru’s streaming platform Sewasew and will release his upcoming album exclusively on the Sewasew app. Read More.

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