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EagleLion Systems Technology, in partnership with the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, is launching a digital fleet management and fuel purchasing solution called Nedaj. Meanwhile, Bishoftu City is getting a Google-map-like app for 75 million birr.

Here are the major stories from Ethiopia’s innovative system recapped for you.

CBE, EagleLion to Digitize Fuel Market

Eaglelion systems technology, in partnership with the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, is launching digital fleet management and fuel purchasing solution called Nedaj.

Akofada (DFS Ethiopia)

Customers can use the Nedaj application, to find local gas stations, pay using CBE accounts, and get an electronic invoice.  Read More.

Chapa Officially Launches Payment Gateway Service

Fintech startup Chapa Financial Technologies S.C. has launched its online payment gateway service for local and international payments.

The platform, which went live on August 17, 2022, opens doors for Ethiopian businesses, enabling them to accept payments from 4.5 billion people worldwide. Read More.

Dashen Bank Collaborates with IBM to Modernize Cloud Integration Architecture

Dashen Bank has implemented IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, modernizing its cloud integration architecture.

The implementation, which enhances Dashen’s open banking experiences with fintechs, neo-banks, and telecom partners, enables Dashen to constantly onboard and integrate new apps and partners with a fast time-to-market. Read More.

Doorway to Tech Giants: A2SV Guides Ethiopian Students to Top Tech Firms

At Addis Ababa University, students have found a place that opens doors for them to pursue paths that, otherwise, would have seemed unlikely.

Meet A2SV, a program that connects Ethiopian students with global internship opportunities at top tech companies. Read More.

Bishoftu to Get Google-map-Like App for 75 Million Birr

According to The Reporter, Ethiopia’s Space Science Technology Institute and the Bishoftu City Administration have begun digitizing city locations to enable precise delivery services for e-commerce.

The project, which is part of creating a digital address system, an Ethiopian version of Google Maps, saw Bihfotu City’s digitization ahead of Addis Ababa, as the capital has complicated infrastructure, which led to its delay. Read More.


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