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Two ride-hailing platforms have formed an association to advance their new goals while Kulu Network, is launching ELFF Games, Ethiopia’s first play-to-earn gaming service.

Shega Weekly recaps the major developments from Ethiopia’s innovative ecosystem.

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Ethiopian Ride-hailing Apps Eye Privately Licensed Cars

Ride-hailing companies are calling on authorities to relax restrictions on the industry by allowing them to recruit drivers of vehicles with private “Code-2” license plates.

This is according to Fortune Newspaper, which reported that the request was made during a discussion with officials from the Ministry of Innovation & Technology and other government agencies.  Read More.

Telebirr Launches Credit, Saving, Overdraft Services

Ethio Telecom has launched its long-anticipated micro-credit and saving scheme through its Telebirr mobile money platform.

The state-owned telecom operator, in partnership with Dashen Bank, launched Telebirr Mela, Telebirr Sanduk, and Telebirr EndeKise. Read More.

National ID Program Extends Deal with Tech Vendor

The National Identification Program (NIDP) has agreed with TECH5, a technology vendor in biometrics and digital identity management, to use TECH 5’s system for the pre-launch phase.

NDIP, which aims to provide a robust and reliable digital identification for all Ethiopians, has completed its use-case pilot to register 100,000 citizens. . Read More.

Local Food Startup BeNu Produces Nutritional Biscuits for Kids

Meet BeNu- a food startup established in 2017 that produces nutritional biscuits for children and adults. Their biscuits give a child about half the calorie he/she needs for a day.

Their innovative product contains 25% (18 g) protein content, which is equivalent to what can be acquired by eating three eggs. Read More.

EagleLion on the Verge of Launching GetCare

EagleLion System Technology is set to launch its latest product, GetCare: a mobile and web-based health care platform, this month.

The technology firm behind products like GuzoGo, a flight booking platform; and CashGO, a digital remittance platform; launched GetCare, aiming to create non-conventional and alternate health care services with more convenient access to health care professionals. Read More.

Kulu Network to launch ELFF Games, Ethiopia’s First Play-to-earn Gaming Service

Kulu Network, a media, and telecommunication company, in collaboration with Ethio Telecom, is launching ELFF Games, Ethiopia’s first play-to-earn gaming service, where players get a chance to earn in-game assets that can be transferred to the real world valuable resources. Read More.

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