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Safaricom Eyes 40pc Long-term Margins in Ethiopia Business

Safaricom Plc has ambitions of achieving EBITDA margins of 40 percent in its new Ethiopian operation in 10 years.

This is according to Business Daily, a Kenyan publication, which stated that Safaricom’s financial targets in Ethiopia include breaking even in four years. If Safaricom Ethiopia hits the target, the subsidiary will be close to the profitability of its Nairobi-based parent company.

Akofada (DFS Ethiopia)

EBITDA refers to earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization. It measures a company’s overall financial performance but excludes the cost of capital investments. Read More.

8 Things To Know Before Buying a Laptop in Ethiopia

Purchasing a new laptop feels excellent, but it can be a confusing task even if it’s not your first time. Various brands of laptops are on the market, and their number is constantly growing.

One thing is for sure, though; you will never find everything you expect in a laptop, not just in a laptop but in any electronic device.

Shega’s guest writer Yinebeb Bahru shares guidelines for buying the best budget laptop in Ethiopia’s consumer market. Read More.

Visual– Key figures and achievements from Ethiopia’s omnichannel mobile banking wallet, HelloCash.

Safaricom to Launch Services in East Region Ahead of Capital

Ethiopia’s first private telecom operator is launching its services in the eastern city of Dire Dawa ahead of the capital.

Sources told Shega that Safaricom Ethiopia, which is aggressively building its network infrastructure, has not finished the task in Addis for a commercial launch to take place.

The telecom operator, who will be using the “07” prefix for mobile calls instead of delaying its full commercial launch, is planning to start operations in areas where the infrastructure required is in place. As a result, the Eastern region, where the setting up of towers and core network is ahead of Addis Ababa, will experience the telecom services of Safaricom ahead of any region in Ethiopia. Read More.

City Officials Renew Drive To Breathe Down on Ride-hailing Companies

After a failed attempt to govern ride-hailing platforms, the Addis Ababa Transport Bureau is stepping up its efforts again to exert its power on the emerging sector.

Three years ago, in an attempt to govern the sector, the Bureau banned vehicles with commercial plates from providing ride-hailing services. But with a public outcry, the law was short-lived and was repealed.

Since then, the Bureau was sidelined and had failed to regulate the sector. But now, according to Addis Fortune, city officials are renewing the drive to govern ride-hailing platforms and their drivers.

In light of the new arrangement, vehicles with commercial license plates can provide ride-hailing services but will be monitored. Read More.


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