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Dear reader, welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter, which happens to be the 100th. Sometimes a bit inconsistent, occasionally a bit delayed, but always with a great deal of passion and care, Shega Weekly has now arrived in your inbox for the 100th time, delivering a snapshot of important updates in the Ethiopian innovative ecosystem. We want to take this moment in our journey to celebrate it with our readers, who have made it all possible.

The Ethiopian Technology and Startup ecosystem continues to grow at an impressive pace, and as it expands, so do the stories that emerge from it. Nowadays, we are not only hearing and reading about newly launched startups, but we also witness several rapidly emerging developments that demand your attention.

We now hear news about Ethiopian startups securing funding more frequently, and homegrown startups are gaining recognition on the international stage. The state is massively adopting tech-enabled solutions in its day-to-day operations. Ethiopian banks have made digital products the arena for the latest competition. And now, there are the two telecom giants, giving us something big almost every other week.

Akofada (DFS Ethiopia)

As this ecosystem and its stories have grown, so have we. Shega Weekly now reaches around 10,000 subscribers through email and our recently launched Shega Weekly Newsletter on LinkedIn. These numbers make us one of the largest platforms in the newsletter space in Ethiopia.

You have patiently received our newsletter 100 times, but today we want to hear from you as well. We’re eager to learn what improvements you’d like to see, what we can add to make Shega Weekly even better, and how we can enhance your overall experience. General feedback is also highly appreciated. Please share your thoughts by sending an email to [email protected]

We are incredibly grateful for reaching this milestone and aspire to continue this journey with you, our readers, all the way to the 1000th edition.

ECX to Take Operations Online

The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) is set to take its trading operations online. The move will empower sellers, suppliers, and exporters to conduct online transactions from anywhere they are located conveniently. Read more.

Lersha Partners with ATI to Scale One-Stop Digital Shop to One Million Farmers

Agritech startup Lersha has partnered with the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Institute (ATI) to expand its comprehensive digital solutions for smallholder farmers, with the goal of reaching one million farmers. Read more.

Chapa Records 3 Billion Birr Transactions in Just Eight Months

One of Ethiopia’s leading fintech startups, Chapa, announced it has achieved an impressive 3 billion birr ($55 million) in transactions in eight months since launching. Read More.

Ethiopia Launches Government Procurement Card

The Ministry of Finance, in collaboration with the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, has officially introduced a government procurement card. Read more.

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Launches Digital Branch

The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia has launched a digital branch at its headquarters, featuring Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) equipped with instant card issuance technology. According to Yonas Worku, Director of Card Banking at the Digital Banking Division of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, this innovative branch concept offers customers a seamless “branch in a box” experience. Read more.

Zoza Cab Drives into Addis Ababa’s Ride-Hailing Market with Owned Fleet, Slashed Prices

A new ride-hailing firm, Zoza Cab, is trying to break into Addis Ababa’s dominated ride-hailing market by deploying its own vehicles and bringing down prices. Read more.

The Role of the Gig Economy in Empowering Female Health Professionals in Ethiopia

The quest for gender equality and women’s empowerment has long been a pressing global issue, and it remains a critical topic in the digital age. Recently, a forum was held in Addis Ababa that shed light on the challenges faced by women in the healthcare sector and explored ways to create a conducive environment for their entry into the gig economy. Read more.

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