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GoodayOn, one of Ethiopia’s leading gig connection platforms, has announced the launch of its premium subscription service.

The startup, which connects service providers such as domestic help, tutors, nannies, maids, painters, and electricians with service requestors, decided to monetize some of its services after more than two years of operation.

GoodayOn, accessible through a mobile app on both Android and iOS, as well as a call center, uses geolocation technology to help users locate gig workers within a 3 km radius.

Akofada (DFS Ethiopia)

“Since our launch, GoodayOn has received over 100,000 downloads and 250,000 service requests, out of which we successfully completed 77,000,” Tigist Afework, Co-Founder and COO of GoodayOn, shared with Shega.

Tigist also notes that GoodayOn’s past performance has provided them with valuable data and insights about which types of workers are in the highest demand and the impact of their platform.

As of yesterday, GoodayOn has started charging both service requestors and providers for making connections in four job categories: Home Chores, In-home Technician Maintenance, Construction, Finishing and Renovation, and Business Essentials.

These categories include a range of workers, including maids, tutors, electricians, painters, plumbers, errand runners, and sales agents.

Premium service providers will receive priority on the app, and their profiles will be prominently displayed. Additionally, all job requests submitted through the call center will be directed exclusively to premium service providers.

Gig workers will be charged a maximum of 2 birr per day for a premium listing, with the option to choose between 6-month and 12-month subscription packages, which must be paid in advance.

In addition to the premium listing, paying service providers will have access to additional benefits such as training and opportunities provided by GoodayOn’s partners.

For service requestors, certain features of the GoodayOn app have been restricted behind a paywall. Previously, users could contact and negotiate with service providers they were interested in, but now the phone numbers of workers in monetized categories are not visible without a premium subscription. Even when service requestors put in their request via the call center, they have to make the payment for GoodayOn to get the service.

GoodayOn offers a 24-hour pass for 20 birr, a week pass for 140 birr, and a month pass for 600 birr for service requestors. These passes give them unlimited access to providers’ contacts during the subscribed period.

GoodayOn is integrated with Chapa, and users can utilize several payment methods to settle the payment. The startup also accepts direct bank deposits.

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