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Feres ride-hailing company has ventured into the e-commerce space with the launch of Feresegna Delivery, a service that offers food, goods, and item delivery.

Leveraging its extensive cab network, which comprises 60,000 drivers, the service has already gone live as of yesterday, with over 500 restaurants on board the platform. Feres has also onboarded 100 third-party motorcycles that exclusively work for Fersegna.

Similar to the ride-hailing business, Feresegna has customer reward program and users can access the service through the updated Passenger app and the call center.

Feresegna comes into space after more than a year has passed since the news of the delivery was first announced.

“The launch of Feresegna was delayed because we were taking our time to build a strong product and team,” Abebe Mulu, COO of Feres, told Shega.

According to Abebe Feresegna aims to be a full-fledged e-commerce platform and aggregate different merchants from restaurants to apparel stores. 

Motorcycle deliveries on Feresegna Delivery have a flag-down fee of 80 birr and an additional charge of 10 birr per kilometer, while vehicle deliveries have a higher rate.

Feresegna enters a competitive landscape already occupied by Beu, Tikus, and also Ride, another major ride-hailing company in Ethiopia that expanded into food delivery service in 2022.

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