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Addis Software, a software development company focusing on custom software solutions, mobile apps, and web development, has announced a capital investment from Inclusion Japan, a Tokiyo based Venture Capital firm, promoting social impact investments.  

The investment structure primarily involves equity/share-based early-stage investment, indicating that Inclusion Japan sees significant value in the company.

According to Abenezer Yakob CEO of Addis Software “While the exact amount of the investment cannot be disclosed at this moment, it represents a significant endorsement of Addis Software’s potential.”

Akofada (DFS Ethiopia)

Abenezer underscores the significance of Inclusion Japan’s investment in unlocking Addis Software’s aspirations. According to him, the capital will primarily fuel decentralization efforts, enabling the company to expand its geographical reach and tap into diverse talent pools. Additionally, attracting skilled team members will further empower Addis Software to meet surging demand effectively. This strategic expansion, driven by both decentralization and talent acquisition, is crucial for the company’s ambition to solidify its position as an industry leader with an amplified market presence.

In addition to financial support, Inclusion Japan is offering a range of valuable resources and assistance to Addis Software. This includes strategic business guidance, access to mentorship programs, and support in exploring new markets, particularly in the United States and Japan. As well as exploring potential problems and solutions for the Ethiopian market.   

To date, ICJ  has invested in over 100 startups worldwide and demonstrated its commitment to Ethiopian startups scene by investing in different Successful ventures Such as Gebeya and Goodayon and has raised over $1 billion in capital.


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