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The Ethiopian Space Science and Geospatial Institute (SSGI) has launched a new geospatial content management platform, facilitating the management and publication of geospatial data, as well as the deployment of spatial data infrastructure (SDI).

The web-based Geo-portal allows users to create, integrate, store, manage, and publish spatial data, metadata, and map visualizations. 

The platform’s datasets includes satellite images, maps, and documents, covering diverse information such as inland waters, health centers, schools, farmlands, elevation, and environmental data.

Berihun Alemayehu, Platform and Application Development Head at SSGI, explained that the platform aims to share data for both individual and institutional use. He further added that the information is categorized for easier access and retrieval.

“We aimed to pack the platform with various information regarding health sectors, digital maps, area-based economic information, and biodiversity,” said Berihun. “The information is collected through various methods employed by the institute and collaborating institutions.”

The platform offers three access levels: public, agreement-based, and classified. While publicly labeled data is available for everyone, agreement-based information requires individuals or companies to establish a specific data usage agreement with the institute, potentially involving a fee.

“Certain data sets have incurred high costs during collection,” Berihun explained. “This information requires clients to pay and provide a receipt to the admin for username and password access.”

Finally, the classified level grants access to law enforcement parties for national security purposes.

Agamasie Gebeyehu, Project Manager of the Digital Addressing System (DAS) and Senior Geospatial Researcher at SSGI stresses the platform’s benefits for institutions engaged in sectors like mining, agriculture, and construction, enabling them to access data and make informed decisions more efficiently.

In December 2023, the Institute launched a Digital Addressing System (DAS) that enabled door-to-door services in Bishoftu City. A digital addressing system for Addis Ababa is currently in development


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