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The Ministry of Finance, in collaboration with the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, has officially introduced a government procurement card. This card is designed to empower institutions to conduct digital purchases and facilitate prudent utilization of government expenditures, Fana Brodcasting Corporation reported.

In Ethiopia, a substantial portion, up to two thirds, of the government budget is allocated to procurement activities. The introduction of this card aligns with the implementation of the electronic government procurement (egp) system, which is utilized by approximately 170 agencies across the country.

Positioned as an addition to the egp system, this card is strategically developed to digitize and modernize government procurement processes while also addressing pertinent issues and concerns. The inaugural event took place in the presence of key government figures, including State Minister of Finance, Eyob Tekalign, PhD, and President of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Abie Sano.

Akofada (DFS Ethiopia)

Over the past years, federal government has been working on employing a digitalized procurement system with the hopes simplifying existing paper-based and manual procurement practices and improving efficiency and transparency.

Following successful pilot testing, eGP Ethiopia was launched in September 2022.

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