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Huawei, the leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices, provides the biggest Tier III ready modular data center in Ethiopia for Ethio Telecom.

The newly deployed data center is located in Gola Sefer, Addis Ababa, equipped with 5 POD (Points of Deployment), 16 cabinets per POD, which can support 10 servers per cabinet. The total capacity of this facility can reach 800 servers.

According to Ethio Telecom’s plan, the newly built data center will firstly serve existing service provision such as mobile money and business support systems, and the extra capacity could be used for new business such as colocation and cloud service in the future.

Ethio Telecom is the main player in the data center collocation service provision in Ethiopia. However, there have been new providers acquiring the license and launching construction including Raxio,, RedFox Web Solutions, and ScutiX.

Modular data center has become a mainstream form of data center deployment around the world recently, thanks to its short delivery period and high energy saving ratio.

Huawei delivered Ethio Telecom’s data center within 2.5 months, while the traditional way of deployment would take more than 5 months.  Meanwhile, modular data center has a power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 1.4, 25% less than traditional data center. After installing Huawei NetEco power monitoring system, it can further reduce 35% of operation and maintenance cost. The routine patrolling and monitoring of the modular facility can be performed by robot.

Ethio Telecom recently launched it’s mobile money service named Telebirr which acquired more than 1M subscribers in less than 6 days.


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