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Ethiopia is experiencing a rapid increase in electric vehicle (EV) adoption. Currently, over 100,000 EVs operate in the country, representing roughly 10% of all vehicles. This number is projected to reach 30% by 2030.

Government policies like tax breaks, infrastructure development for EVs, and a ban on importing fuel-powered vehicles for private use have fueled this growth. However, a crucial concern for many drivers considering EVs remains, charging availability.

The Petroleum and Energy Authority announced a new directive in May 2024. This initiative aims to leverage existing gas station infrastructure for developing EV charging networks. The draft policy outlines specifications, permitting processes, and pricing models for establishing EV charging stations.

“As electric mobility increases, charging stations are needed for public use,” stated Sahrela Abdullahi, Director General of the Authority. “Leveraging existing facilities can help expand the network more rapidly.”

The Addis Ababa Transport Bureau has also encouraged private investors to participate in building charging stations.

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While the future seems promising, the current state of charging stations lags behind the growing demand. Despite Google suggesting hotels with EV charging facilities, a reality check reveals a different picture. Several prominent hotels in Addis Ababa featured on Google Maps, including the Hilton, InterContinental, the Grand Palace, and Harmony Hotel, lack charging stations for their guests.

Here are some electric vehicle charging stations in Addis Ababa:

  1. Government Offices

The government has initiated the installation of EV charging stations within their compounds to set an example from the top. The Ministry of Transport Head Office, located around the Stadium, provides charging stations for electric car owners in the capital. Similarly, the Ethiopian Postal Services head office, located in the same area, also has a charging station.

  1. Real Estates

Newly built and under-construction real estates, such as DMC and Noah Real Estates, provide their clients with electric car charging facilities in their parking lots.

  1. Car Dealerships

Car dealers have charging stations for the vehicles they prepare for the market. Dealers like Hallel, Sara Car Importer, and a few others offer charging stations for cars purchased from their stores. However, these facilities are similar to those users can install at home and are not fast-charging stations.

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  1. Amore Restaurant

Located around Bole Dildiy, next to Secret Lounge, Amore Restaurant offers a charging station for its clients. Despite this, many starred hotels in the capital fail to meet the need for charging stations.

  1. Marathon Motors

Marathon Motors, owned by Ethiopian Olympic gold medalist and business mogul Haile Gebrselassie, has been importing Hyundai vehicles from South Korea for several years. Recently, the business has begun assembling Hyundai electric vehicles in Ethiopia. The charging station, launched in 2024, is intended to service owners of Marathon Motors’ electric vehicles.

We will continue to add to the list as we find more charging stations.

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