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In an effort to spearhead discussions on the integration of technology in education, the upcoming edition of EdTech Mondays, scheduled for November 27, 2023, will delve into the crucial theme of “Monitoring and Evaluation of Blended Learning Models.”

The episode, airing on Fana FM 98.1 and 10 other affiliated FM radio stations across the country at 8:10 p.m. EAT, will also explore the role of digital tools, the challenges faced by Ethiopia in implementing blended learning, and the potential impact of systematic monitoring and evaluation.

Blended learning, a combination of traditional classroom teaching and online learning components, is an essential paradigm in modern education. While Ethiopia works to improve its innovative and technological applications, the country is also focusing on refining its educational strategies through systematic monitoring and evaluation of blended learning initiatives. The show will feature a panel of experts discussing the role of digital tools, challenges faced by Ethiopia, and innovative approaches beneficial for Ethiopian students.

About the Mastercard Foundation

Ranked among the world’s most significant private foundations, the Mastercard Foundation envisions a global landscape where every individual enjoys the prospects of learning and prospering

Since its establishment, the Mastercard Foundation has committed an impressive sum exceeding $5.7 billion to propel financial inclusivity and education, bolster youth livelihoods, and tackle the ramifications of pandemics—largely concentrated in Africa. Cumulatively, its initiatives have positively impacted the lives of over 139 million individuals. In 2018, the Foundation introduced the Young Africa Works strategy, with the goal of empowering 30 million young Africans, particularly young women, to access meaningful and dignified employment by 2030, visit

About EdTech Mondays

EdTech Mondays, a platform for critical conversations on technology in education, brings together key stakeholders, including policymakers, EdTech entrepreneurs, teachers, and parents. Airing monthly on CNBC Africa and the Mastercard Foundation’s Young Africa Works Facebook page, the program takes an integrated approach, with offices in various African countries disseminating discussions tailored to local contexts. In Ethiopia, a panel discussion-type radio program airs on Mondays, addressing contextualized issues in education technology.

EdTech Monday’s Ethiopia is produced by Shega Media & Technology in collaboration with the Mastercard Foundation and has been airing since October 2022.

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