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EagleLion System Technology is set to launch its latest product, GetCare: a mobile and web-based health care platform, this month.

The technology firm behind products like GuzoGo, a flight booking platform; and CashGO, a digital remittance platform; launched GetCare, aiming to create non-conventional and alternate health care services with more convenient access to health care professionals.

GetCare is an innovative tech-based healthcare service, comprising telemedicine and home care services. The platform consists of a phone application and a call center. The application has video and audio calling as well as texting features.

“The system is built to help people identify early stage symptoms of different diseases and for people to be able to get medical treatment from their homes or wherever they are,” CEO of EagleLion systems, Bersufekad Getachew, told Shega.

GetCare is positioning itself in treating preventing diseases, transforming the culture of medical checkups as well as making health services affordable.

According to a report by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), there is only one physician for every 10,000 people, yet many health care graduates are unemployed due to a shortage of government budget.

GetCare plans to bridge this gap and implement home-based diagnosis and treatment services in a weekly, monthly, and daily-based package ranging from primary care to highly specialized care across the spectrum, from promotive, preventive, curative, rehabilitative, and palliative services.

The GetCare products also consist of other bundles, such as elderly and pregnancy packages.

Besides buying the service for themselves, customers will be able to buy the packages for others, such as friends and family, as well as companies for their employees. The packages could also be bought by the diaspora community abroad to family members here.

GetCare, which has partnered with various hospitals and laboratory centers to provide diagnosis and treatment, has more than 300 general practitioners and 500 nurses on board. The platform has also enlisted several specialists, psychiatrists, and physiotherapists to provide treatments.

GetCare says it will pay exciting payments to its health care practitioners based on monthly salaries and according to the package services they give.

GetCare’s services will be available in prepaid and subscription-based formats. GetCare will also have online payment gateways integrated into its platform as well as agents to facilitate payments. However, the company has declined to disclose its prices before launch.

In Ethiopia, the state of Healthtech, a technology-enabled healthcare product and service, is at an early stage. Hello Doctor, Telemed Medical Services, Liyana Digital Healthcare Solutions, and Redat Healthcare are among some of the platforms that provide such services.

It’s to be recalled that EagleLion recently launched GetRooms, a hotel booking platform, as well as School of Cloud, a digital school, and an educational marketplace.

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