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Ethiopia’s healthcare sector is experiencing a digital touch, with a growing number of startups offering mobile-based platforms. A recent report, “Addis Ababa Startup Ecosystem Report” (October 2023), identified over 40 health tech startups in the capital city alone.

This surge is attributed to a combination of factors: rising health awareness among Ethiopians, increasing demand for convenient healthcare services, and the support provided by ecosystem builders like Orbit Health Innovation Hub.

These digital platforms empower users to manage their well-being, learn about healthy habits, and access their health data – all from their mobile devices. Their services primarily focus on pre- and post-clinical care, offering guidance and support.

Doctors acknowledge the platforms’ role in encouraging people to seek medical advice. Often, individuals with seemingly minor issues hesitate to visit a hospital. These platforms provide a convenient alternative, allowing consultations for easier diagnosis based on a patient’s medical history. In some cases, virtual consultations can even reveal more serious health concerns, prompting patients to seek further medical attention.

The platforms typically operate with call centers and charge users for time-defined consultations. Payments are usually made online.

Here’s a closer look at some of Ethiopia’s digital healthcare platforms:


This comprehensive platform allows users to search for practitioners, book appointments (online consultations, in-clinic visits), and access doctor profiles. Appointments can be scheduled for video consultations within the app, through the call center, or for physical examinations.

WeCare offers consultations with over 2600 registered professionals across 40 specialties, including internal medicine, mental health, dentistry, and prenatal care. Doctors can create profiles detailing their experience, education, and consultation fees.

Virtual consultations cost between 100 and 500 birr, with doctors setting their rates and WeCare taking a commission. Each session lasts 20 minutes. After booking, sessions are confirmed upon payment via telebirr, bank deposits, or Webirr.

TenaFirst Plus

Launched in 2023 by Ahadu Web, TenaFirst offers telemedicine services (video/audio consultations) and in-person care (clinic appointments, homecare).

Consultations last 30 minutes and start at 150 birr, with fees increasing based on the doctor’s experience. TenaFirst operates on a commission model, receiving 20% of the doctor’s income from the platform. The app is currently available on Android devices.


Founded by Kidist Tesfaye, this woman-focused platform caters specifically to women’s health needs. It offers features like menstrual and pregnancy tracking, a discreet e-pharmacy with delivery/pickup options, telemedicine consultations, and culturally relevant educational resources.

YeneHealth‘s web and mobile app is multilingual and provides a personalized user experience with various support features.


Launched in late 2023, LSSYA is an online platform offering psychotherapy for various mental health concerns, including anxiety, depression, stress, relationship issues, trauma, and grief. Therapy sessions are conducted through secure chat, voice messages, and video conferencing.

The platform focuses on mild cases treatable through communication, without medication. LSSYA is fully automated with customer support and operates in English and Amharic, with plans to expand language options.

Users can sign up, complete an initial form, get matched with a therapist, book sessions, and connect with their therapist at the scheduled time. Each therapy session lasts 60 minutes and costs 1000 birr.

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