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Last-mile delivery business plays a big role in one country’s economic development especially right now in the time Ethiopia is embarking on a digital economy making this service more crucial for its success. The sector is also known for employing the youth.

To strengthen the sector and contribute better to the growth of our country we have established The Ethiopian Couriers Association/ECA for the following purposes:

Akofada (DFS Ethiopia)

  1. To act as a focal point and representative body in negotiations between the sector and government as well as other stakeholders.
  2. To improve and maintain professional standards within the industry
  3. To secure representation: participate with national and international organizations to ensure the industry is efficiently represented in the decision-making process
  4. To serve as an information-sharing platform for members, the government, academia, media

With this letter we would like to announce to the Private Sector, Government Offices, International organizations, Civil Society organizations, Academic institutions and to others interested in working with us the formation of the association. For more information and collaborations contact us with our phone number +25141032556 and our email address

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We are Team Shega.

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