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Major UN Forum on Internet Connectivity Commences in Addis Ababa 

The U.N.’s annual Internet Governance Forum, a global multistakeholder platform that facilitates the discussion of public policy issues pertaining to

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The Case for Central Bank Digital Currency in Ethiopia

By Michael Tomas  Throughout history, humans have used various mediums of exchange, ranging from commodities and gold to the current

Major Challenges of E-government, Digital Transformation in Ethiopia
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Major Challenges Facing Ethiopia’s Digital Transformation of Government Services

By Yinebeb Bahru  ICT offers prospects for economic growth and is critical for developing countries to accelerate economic development, enhance

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Why the Ethiopian Economy Needs a National ID?

By Michael Tomas  Let’s say you are an Ethiopian living in an area categorized as deep-rural by the Ethiopian government.

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Software Developers, Cloud Service Providers Get Tax Holidays

Intending to create an ecosystem conducive to innovation and technology development, the federal government has labeled five ICT-related investment areas