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The upcoming episode of EdTech Mondays, a monthly radio show that serves as a platform for critical conversations surrounding the use of technology for teaching and learning, will dive deep into the role parents play in the digital learning era.

Airing on Monday, March 25, 2024, at 8:10 p.m. EAT on Fana FM 98.1 and ten other affiliated stations nationwide, this month’s episode will bring a parent, an EdTech entrepreneur, and a school administrator to the discussion.

The rise of EdTech platforms is reshaping how children access and engage with learning. These user-friendly tools bridge geographical and socioeconomic divides, ensuring equal educational opportunities for all. By tailoring content to individual needs, EdTech fosters personalized learning experiences that ignite a passion for knowledge and boost motivation.

Akofada (DFS Ethiopia)

Beyond academic benefits, EdTech empowers parents to actively participate in their children’s education. Parents become facilitators and mentors, navigating EdTech platforms, monitoring progress, and providing additional support. Seamless communication channels within these platforms facilitate collaboration with educators, allowing for valuable insights and strategies to optimize learning. EdTech also equips parents with digital literacy skills, crucial for supporting their children’s education in a digital world.

While EdTech offers significant advantages, challenges like technical issues, screen time management, and equitable access persist. Overcoming these obstacles requires active parental involvement and collaboration with educators. By embracing EdTech as a collaborative tool, families can cultivate a supportive learning environment where children thrive academically and develop into lifelong learners with the necessary skills for success in the 21st century. 

Produced by the Mastercard Foundation and Shega Media & Technology, EdTech Mondays brings together key figures in Ethiopia’s education for monthly insightful discussions.

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