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,AXIAN TELECOM, the Telecom giant behind Africa’s fastest internet services submits expression Of interest for licences in Ethiopia.

The AXIAN Group, a group whose footprint is now pan-African

Founded over 150 years ago in Madagascar and Operating in 6 African Countries, Axian is a diversified group with operations in 5 industries with high growth potential; namely telecom, financial services, energy, real estate and open innovation.

With over 4,900 employees across the Indian Ocean and Africa, the group is an engaged partner in the development of emerging countries. The AXIAN Group believes that sustainable growth is based on activities that have a real, measurable and—most of all—positive impact on people’s daily lives.

The AXIAN Group recorded $ 1.1 billion in global turnover in 2019, with $ 1 billion invested in our operations. AXIAN also operates the largest network of petrol stations and distribution network of petroleum products in Madagascar, as well as several telecommunications and mobile-money operators across the Indian Ocean and Africa.

In choosing value-creating sectors that are essential to the economic and social development of emerging countries, AXIAN systematically ensures the lasting and positive impact of its activities on the daily lives of the greatest number of people.

Digital inclusion and Developing Telecom Infrastructure at the heart of our strategy

Boasting an extensive pan-African telecommunications presence most notably in Madagascar, Senegal, Togo, Mauritius, the Comoros, Reunion and Mayotte, a broadband fiber-optic line and more than 15 million subscribers as of January 2020, Axian Telecom offers companies the latest digital and technological innovations via its services, but also affords to millions of people the ability to connect with their loved ones and the rest of the world by giving them access to secure and reliable telecom and digital services. In addition to the Telecom Sector, the AXIAN Group is a leader in Financial Inclusion/ Mobile in markets it operates.

By developing and investing in new infrastructure on an international scale, AXIAN advances financial inclusion in the countries where it operates. AXIAN also supports the healthy development of the Internet and mobile services by giving businesses and individuals access to a high-speed connection between Africa and Europe. These investments materialize by delivering the fastest internet in Africa (and even faster than few European countries) have made us the number-one telecommunications operator. AXIAN Telecom also possess around 3,300 telecommunications towers on the African continent that support our telecom operations and cutting-edge mobile networks in Madagascar, Reunion Island, Mayotte, Comoros, Senegal and Togo. Our telecom operations recorded $ 660 million in global turnover in 2019, along with nearly 15 million subscribers and more than 3000 employees.

By making Madagascar the country with the fastest Internet connection in Africa, we have addressed the challenges of economic development, rural isolation and geographic disparity with an ambitious investment policy that involves installing more than 10,000 km of fiber-optic cable and modern mobile technologies, namely 3G, 4G, 4G + and soon 5G.

Thanks to this, Madagascar has become the global centre of Business Process Optimisation (BPO), resulting in significant employment gains as well as bringing revenue from abroad into the country´s economy.

Our investments also allow the development of new uses and practices that leverage mobile money, mobile connectivity and mobile banking, both in urban areas and among isolated rural communities. In working towards digital inclusion and bringing the 21st century to said rural areas wherever AXIAN Telecom operate, it also works towards creating a better, more streamlined entrepreneurial ecosystem. Among many things, fiber optics have enabled the development of the call-center market in Madagascar, which now has more than 15,000 employees.

The introduction and improvement of mobile-money systems has also allowed rural populations to gain access to mini-grid systems in landlocked regions, and the establishment of micro-credit services for individuals and microenterprises.

This strategy is now being deployed in all the countries where it operates and AXIAN Telecom now boast having deployed more than 13,600 km of terrestrial fiber optical backbones and invested in 13 international submarine cables. The Group is also a partner of the upcoming 2Africa submarine cable project, which will shore up connectivity throughout the continent while creating better connections between Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

In Ethiopia, the second most populous nation in Africa with more than 105M+ population with median average age of 18, AXIAN Telecom will bring economic prosperity to Ethiopians through affordable, seamless, fast and state-of-the-art Tiers 1 telecom services that will allow job creation, nurturing entrepreneurship and supporting Ethiopia’s Digital Transformation Strategy that was just approved by the Council of Ministers on the 15th of June 2020.

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