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Amole, the mobile payment, and commerce platform with digital payment capability across aggregated digital products and services, today announced that it has partnered with Africa’s Talking, the leading communications, and API platform with simplified access to telco infrastructure across Africa. A strategic move that will create more development opportunities for businesses and software developers in Ethiopia to seamlessly build their solutions and create new sustainable and scalable enterprises. 

Through this strategic partnership, Africa’s Talking will wrap its API infrastructure around Amole’s payment services which will create a new unique platform for the Ethiopian and African market. The ease and simplicity of building and monetizing digital services creates a new opportunity for entrepreneurs and enterprises to create powerful scalable solutions that cut across different sectors and geographical boundaries. This will improve the potential value creation in the country and provide job creation opportunities across different markets and supply chains.

The powerful partnership between Amole which has consumers in 78 different applications and e-commerce sites will bag on Africa’s Talking’s platform which has over 37,000 developers in Africa across the 10+ markets they’re actively supporting. Amole in conjunction with Africa’s Talking will enable more access to entrepreneurial opportunities for more than 73.5 million youth who are under 35 in Ethiopia, which will eventually fuel economic growth in Ethiopia.

Amole’s CEO Yemiru Chanyalew, was quoted saying, “Ethiopia is ready and wants to grow using new technology and we have read case studies that support this idea but access and monetization remains to be the set-back, and by engaging in this partnership we become enablers and equalizers at the grassroots level that will create new jobs and new business models through greater automation capability, and we have seen the youth take advantage of this time and time again.” 

Africa’s Talking’s COO,  Antony Thuku, was also quoted as saying that “ for Africa’s Talking, the true north has been the goal of empowering the African developer by lowering the barriers of access to the basic infrastructure needed to develop transformative digital solutions, this integration provides for peer to peer payments, virtual airtime purchases and utility payments to different services and other merchant payments through Amole services. In Ethiopia, we have already deployed communications APIs, but digital payment channels were a key missing ingredient to complete the essential tool kit to help developers build truly digital businesses.”

Amole, named after the ancient salt-bar currency used in ancient Ethiopia, will offer subscribers digital payment capability and access to aggregated digital products and services from Retailers, the Entertainment Industry, Airtime Dealers, Bill Payment Points, Airlines, Social Media Players and third-party service providers.

Amole’s digital payment platform enables merchants and the bank’s agents with mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) to provide aggregated digital products and services (Digital Content) where our customers do their day-to-day shopping. This enables consumers to conveniently pay for their purchases, utility bill payments, person-to-person (P2P) transfers, electronic mobile top-up, Cash-in and Cash-out, among many other services using Amole or cash.

Africa’s Talking is the Pan-African go-to platform for developers in Africa, that empowers software developers by enabling them to build their solutions with ease. This platform as a Service (PaaS) company has built world-class infrastructure that’s solely created for developers and wholly relied upon by businesses. Africa’s Talking has availed the complexity of local communication (SMS, USSD, Voice & Airtime) and payments (Mobile) infrastructure via easy-to-use APIs on a unified platform.

They support a growing community of 37,000 developers and have over 30 telco and bank integrations across Africa; keeping in line with its core value of empowering developers and businesses across Africa.

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