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Ahadu Web, a local IT firm, has introduced TenaFirst Plus, a digital health platform featuring pro bono services.

The platform, currently accessible on Android devices, provides telemedicine services through video and audio consultations, as well as in-person diagnoses via clinic appointments and homecare services. According to Abraham Assefa, CEO and founder of Ahdu, a decade-old IT firm, the development of TenaFirst Plus took over ten months.

The application facilitates consultations for 30 minutes, starting at 150 birr, with the amount increasing based on the doctor’s experience. The company operates on a commission basis, with TenaFirst receiving 20% of the doctor’s income from the platform.

Prior to the launch of TenaFirst, Ahadu was engaged in developing a digital clinic platform that enables clinics and hospitals to accept patient appointments online.

Abraham shared that the inspiration for TenaFirst Plus came from a personal experience when he spent half a day searching for a specific medical treatment.

“At that point, I planned to create a digital platform that would allow anyone with an internet connection to contact and schedule appointments at hospitals,” said Abraham.

Unfortunately, the initial project faced obstacles as many hospitals declined to enlist on the platform. “When we hit a dead end, we realized that we could still connect patients with physicians without the involvement of institutions,” added Abraham.

Nebiyu Elias (MD), one of the doctors on the platform, mentioned that over two hundred doctors are enrolled and ready to provide services. He highlighted that six physicians are available to take calls at the call center.

“TenaFirst Plus is equipped to offer services in multiple languages. Doctors can list their experience and preferred language in their bios, allowing clients to search for their specific needs,” stated Nebiyu during the launch of TenaFirst on Tuesday, January 16, 2023, at the GetFam Hotel, Addis Ababa.

The platform features various professionals, including dermatologists, psychiatrists, and others. Users can make payments through telebirr, Chapa, and PayPal.

Doctors on TenaFirst have the responsibility to provide at least one free consultation per month for individuals who cannot afford the service, provided the patient submits a paper form from Kebele proving their financial inability.

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