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Fantasy Technology Solutions ( Fantasy Ethiopia ) launched the RealFevr Fantasy football platform in Ethiopia in partnership with RealFevr.

Fantasy Technology Solutions is an Ethiopian-based tech entertainment company, and RealFevr is a Portuguese fantasy sports startup. This partnership offers a fantasy football experience that is built on RealFevr’s existing platform for Ethiopian users.

Fantasy football is a digital game. A Fantasy football player creates their own virtual team of players based on real-life football players. These fantasy teams compete against other fantasy teams in the virtual league to score points. The points are based on the actual performance of the fantasy team’s players in real-life games.

Along with rapid digitalization, the increased use of smartphones has contributed to the booming of the fantasy football industry. According to The Global Fantasy Sports Report, the global fantasy football industry’s worth is expected to cross over USD 1 billion by 2026 with a constant annual growth rate of 14%.

Following the trend, hundreds of fantasy football platforms have joined the market. RealFevr is one of the platforms that has been growing recently. It was founded in 2016 and closed a seed funding of €3.8M in 2018.

At the moment RealFevr has more than 2 Million participants in Europe, Latin America, Middle East & Africa. The platform enables participants to play in more than 12 fantasy football leagues. It also offers multiple playing options for players at different levels.

RealFevr began expanding its operation to Africa in 2019 through a deal with a Nigerian daily sports newspaper.

In May 2021 RealFevr was able to raise €2.2M in Series A funding to be used for further product development and market expansion.

In April 2021 Fantasy Ethiopia launched RealFevr in Ethiopia. It is a localized version of RealFevr that offers all of RealFevr features to the Ethiopian market. Within two months of launch, the platform has acquired 11,000 players and has more than 90,000 visits.

In a conversation with Shega, founders of Fantasy Ethiopia stated they are working to feature BetKing Ethiopian Premier League on the platform in the coming year.

RealFevr has recently announced its plan to launch an international NFT (non-fungible token) marketplace, where users can buy and trade rare and one-of-a-kind NFT moments from world-class players.

Fantasy Ethiopia also mentioned it will launch an NFT marketplace in Ethiopia in the coming years.

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