beU Delivery

    Fastest and most affordable food delivery in Addis Ababa!

    Commerce and Shopping, Food and Beverage, Tech Enabled, Telecommunication, Transportation Addis Ababa 11 - 50 Hub

    Haleta Tutors

    Haleta Tutors connects Tutors with Parents.

    Education, Tech Enabled Addis Ababa 2 - 10 Company

    Guzo Technologies

    Guzo Technologies provides a XR platform that produces CGI content for Tourism and Education.

    Enterprise Software, Gaming Addis Ababa 2 - 10 Company


    GroHydro provides urban agriculture via a hydroponic growing system that will increase the output without soil, with less time, less water, less energy, and less cost.

    Agriculture and Farming Addis Ababa Company

    GreenKetema Landscaping

    GreenKetema Landscaping provides comprehensive environmentally friendly landscaping services to improve the quality of life and sustain the environment.

    Landscape Services Addis Ababa Company

    Green Bean

    Green Bean manufactures affordable and better mechanical coffee dryer machines.

    Agriculture and Farming, Manufacturing Addis Ababa 2 - 10 Company


    Gebeya Net is an e-commerce platform for agricultural products that integrates electronic trading and logistics coordination by using Mobile and the Internet.

    Commerce and Shopping, Tech Enabled Addis Ababa 2 - 10 Company

    Orbit Health

    A patient engagement platform.

    Healthcare Addis Ababa 11 - 50 Company

    Orbit Innovation Hub

    Orbit Innovation Hub is a digital innovation ecosystem where local talent can
    innovate and collaborate to address global issues in a sector-agnostic manner.

    Investment Addis Ababa 2 - 10 Hub


    blueMoon is an Agri-Tech focused startup incubator established in 2017.

    Investment Addis Ababa 2 - 10 Hub