Haleta Tutors

    Haleta Tutors connects Tutors with Parents.

    Education, Tech Enabled Addis Ababa 2 - 10 Company

    The Goat Cafe

    An integrated Coffee sourcing, processing, selling brand.

    Agriculture and Farming, Food and Beverage Addis Ababa 11 - 50 Company

    Orbit Innovation Hub

    Orbit Innovation Hub is a digital innovation ecosystem where local talent can
    innovate and collaborate to address global issues in a sector-agnostic manner.

    Investment Addis Ababa 2 - 10 Hub

    xHub Addis

    Established in 2014 xHub Addis is a social business incubator and co-working space.

    Investment Addis Ababa 1 Hub


    iceaddis is a startup support organization that was established in 2011.

    Investment Addis Ababa, Hawassa 2 - 10 Hub

    Kazana Group

    Kazana Group is a private holding company.

    Financial Services, Investment Addis Ababa 200 - 500 Investor