ARMADA Agritech

    ARMADA Agricultural Engineering is a holistic agricultural mechanization service provider offering diversified on-farm mechanization services on a rental basis.

    Agriculture and Farming Bahir Dar 2 - 10 Company

    Hello Erf (Connect Trading PLC)

    Hello Erf is a mechanization hiring platform linking smallholder farmers with service providers.

    Agriculture and Farming, Information Technology, Tech Enabled Addis Ababa 2 - 10 Company


    GroHydro provides urban agriculture via a hydroponic growing system that will increase the output without soil, with less time, less water, less energy, and less cost.

    Agriculture and Farming Addis Ababa Company

    GreenPath Food

    Greenpath Food is a food supplier of organic quality and, regeneratively-grown produce from small-scale East African Farms.

    Agriculture and Farming Addis Ababa 51 - 200 Company

    Green Bean

    Green Bean manufactures affordable and better mechanical coffee dryer machines.

    Agriculture and Farming, Manufacturing Addis Ababa 2 - 10 Company


    Fayalo technology share company provides veterinarian services and advisory through Web & Mobile App software platform solutions.

    Agriculture and Farming, Information Technology Addis Ababa 2 - 10 Company

    The Goat Cafe

    An integrated Coffee sourcing, processing, selling brand.

    Agriculture and Farming, Food and Beverage Addis Ababa 11 - 50 Company

    Debo Engineering

    Agri-tech solutions where the developed an algorithm that automatically detects and classifies plant diseases through image detection

    Agriculture and Farming, Artificial Intelligence, Tech Enabled Jimma 2 - 10 Company


    Agribusiness, Entrepreneurship, Incubation, Startups, Youth Empowerment, and Coworking Space

    Agriculture and Farming, Investment Addis Ababa 11 - 50 Hub